Vascular Surgeons have the necessary knowledge and skills to treat the rest of the blood vessels, from the neck to the feet, through the arms, thorax, abdomen and legs; either with medications and / or surgery. They also use minimal invasion techniques called Endovascular Therapy.

But let´s Dr. Bacelis be the one to explain to us in detail what is angiology and the services in which he specializes


In areas such as angiology, vascular surgery, endovascular therapy and Varicose Veins Treatment

MD. Raúl A. Bacelis Arzápalo


His falcuty is heart desease. He graduated from Chicago Medical Uni– versity and had 12 years working in area.

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We know that there are always many questions about the disease you suffer

They are dilated veins, and they do not work properly, they may be only esthetic at first, but as they evolve, they can cause discomfort (ankle swelling, pain) and complications (ulcers, phlebitis, hemorrhage).

– To prevent complications: Ulcers, changes in skin color, phlebitis, eczema.

-To improve the aesthetic aspect.

-To improve the pain, and increase the volume of the legs.

– It is important to perform a good exploration with Ecodoppler before deciding the type of technique to be performed, the varices are treated with classic sclerosis, sclerosis with foam, laser, surgery, depending on the type of varix.

– If there are no vascular risk factors from the age of 55, if any (family history, cigarette, diabetes, cholesterol, triglycerides, hypertension), it should be done after the age of 45.

– It consists of guided ultrasound injection of a sclerosing product at concentrated doses within the varicose vein, so that a fibrotic reaction occurs in the vein and it disappears. It is a completely ambulatory technique in which the patient can perform a completely normal life at the end of the session.

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