Laser treatment for varicose veins is one of the most recent alternatives to treat this condition. Consists of sending heat into the varicose veins bigger than 3 mm with the help of the laser´s energy from. The Laser light is transmitted to the varicose veins by a fiber-optic catheter that is inserted into the affected vein.

The temperature of the catheter can exceed 1000 ° C. This heat causes a wound in the damaged vein so this slowly fades away until it disappears. The areas near the varices are infiltrated with local anesthesia and serum, to avoid the pain and the burn of the surrounding  tissues.

Laser varicose vein surgery is direct, precise and only damages the area to be treated. All skin types can be treated by laser varix operation. This procedure is ambulatory and does not require the use of needles. There are also no skin incisions. When the laser strikes the skin, the patient only feels a small discomfort and the epidermis does not suffer because it is relieved by cooling before and after the application of the laser.