Diabetic foot

Si tiene diabetes, sus niveles de azúcar en la sangre son demasiado altos

If you have diabetes, your blood sugar levels are too high.
Over time, this can damage the nerves or blood vessels. The nerve damage produced by  diabetes causes can provoke lose of sensibility in your feet. The patient may not feel a cut, a blister, or a sore. Injuries such as these in the foot can cause ulcers and infections. Severe cases can even cause amputation. Damage to blood vessels can also mean that the feet do not get enough blood and oxygen. It is more difficult for your foot to heal if you have a sore or an infection.

You can help to avoid feet problems. First, check your blood sugar levels. Good feet hygiene is also essential.
• Check your feet every day
• Wash your feet every day
• Keep your skin moisturized and soft
• Remove calluses gently
• If you can, look and feel your feet with your hands. Cut your nails regularly. If you can not do this, ask a foot doctor (podiatrist) to do it for you
• Wear socks and shoes at all times
• Protect your feet from cold and heat
• Maintain blood circulation in your feet